Saturday, March 20, 2004

Heyman: "Shea Stadium looks like the Taj Mahal" 

Below are selected excerpts from John Heyman's article in Newsday from December 6, 2002 commenting on the Mets signing of Tom "Noodle Arm" Glavine. This guy is a baseball genius. The Mets should definitely listen to him the next time he says to trade for Alfonso Soriano at all costs. Thanks to Sam M. for directing me to the Baseball Primer Clutch Hits thread where this came up.

Talk about a perfect fit? This is as good as it gets
Jon Heyman

Wake me, I think I'm dreaming. With one bold and beautiful and stunning stroke, the Mets have moved straight from the second division to fantasyland.

Tom Glavine is a Met. And today Shea Stadium looks like the Taj Mahal.

Today the "gold" ticket package appears to be a bargain, the "silver"' a steal.

Today Fred Wilpon is Owner of the Year.

And general manager Steve Phillips should come under consideration for a lifetime contract.

Instead, all the Mets' big executives, from Fred Wilpon to Jeff Wilpon to Phillips to Jim Duquette to anyone who had a hand or even a finger or cuticle in this glorious acquisition, need to be part of a group bow.

Today Glavine is exactly the right guy at exactly the right time, both for his ability and his availability. For those who say he is 36, I say he could be Roger Clemens' much younger brother. Or Randy Johnson's.

Pinch me, this is too good to be true. Just like that, the Mets are back in the ballgame.

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