Wednesday, March 10, 2004

Finally, Some Good News and Positive Reporting for the Mets 

To my utter amazement, I logged into ESPN.com's baseball page to see Jose Reyes tagging a runner out at second with the headline "Wiz Kids." Then I notice not one, but two stories about the Mets that did not include the words "suck" or "last place." The first article by Bob Klapisch, Mets offering a flair in the field, is a feature of the Mets new emphasis and implementation of up-the-middle defense with the acquisition of Mike Cameron, Kazuo Matsui, and transfer of the wiz kid to second. Of Cameron, sabermagicians will be floored to read that in yet another mainstream media article, UZR is mentioned:

The Mets have the numbers to prove it. With the Mariners last year, Cameron led all outfielders in total chances (492), putouts (485) and range factor (3.42). Additionally, Cameron topped all fielders with a 31 Ultimate Zone Rating -- a system devised by BaseballPrimer.com with help from Stats Inc. that measures runs saved or cost. According to this barometer, Cameron saved 31 more runs than the average center fielder in 2003, outperforming Andruw Jones, who had a rating of 19.

The second article stated that police will not file charges against Karim Garcia and Shane Spencer relating to the Pissgate episode.
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