Thursday, March 04, 2004

A Few Notes from the Mets Exhibition/Thrashing Against the Dodgers 

Well, the Mets pitchers made the offense starved Dodgers line-up look like murderers rowe. Some of the other Mets blogs have done a good job summing up the game, but I just wanted to point a few things out.

First, Jim Duquette seems primed and ready to pull the trigger on a deal that would send a prospect or prospects away in return for a veteran. During the game, Duquette said (and I'm doing the best with quotes here) "We have the resources, both money and prospects, to make a move." I'm all for dealing away prospects when you have the depth to do it, as the Mets do, but the Mets have to, I repeat, have to, hold on to several key prospects. Kazmir and Wright are untouchable in my book.

Of all the happenings during and around the game yesterday that registered on the unintentional comedy scale, my favorite was when Jeff Brantley (is that Soul Glow in his hair?) was spewing his theories about John Franco. Soul Glow, who apparently borrowed Pedro Martinez's hair products, said something like, "there's going to be a controversy because people think his spot on the Mets staff should be taken by a young pitcher. But let me tell you ladies and gentlemen, Franco is here because he has earned it and as long as he can get people out . . . ." KABLAAAAM!!!! Soul glow is stopped mid-sentence as a Dodger hitter, I think it was Cabrera or Thurston, takes Franco deep. Soul Glow just keeps going as if the homer never happened.
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