Sunday, March 07, 2004


Last week I cited another blog which posted that John Franco was accused of taking steroids by Andy Van Slyke. Well, every once in a while the planets align just right and I'm proven wrong. Ron tells me that it was actually 109 year old Braves first basemen Julio Franco who was accused and not 107 year old Mets relief pitcher John Franco. Julio . . . John . . . details details. But now that I think about it, who cares who it was! It's the response that's so damn funny. Here it is again just for the hell of it (here's a link to the story):

Tell Andy Van Slyke he's right -- I'm on the best juice there is. I'm juiced up every day, and the name of my juice is Jesus. I'm on His power, His wisdom, His understanding. Andy Van Slyke is right. But the thing he didn't mention was what kind of steroids I'm on. Next time you talk to him, tell him the steroid I'm on is Jesus of Nazareth.
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