Tuesday, March 02, 2004

Changing His Tune 

Last week the NY Post's Kevin Kernan completed a tri-fecta of Post reporters that thought the Mets should deal Scott Kazmir to obtain free swinging Alfonso Soriano. On Tuesday, February 24th Kernan said, "Last Tuesday, the Post's Joel Sherman made the suggestion that the Mets put together a package of young pitchers to mound-challenged Texas for Soriano, a deal that made complete sense." While Kernan did not mention Kazmir in particular, he specifically agreed with Sherman's article that pleaded with the Mets to deal Kazmir. Kernan is singing a different tune after watching Kazmir in person throw a scoreless inning in an intrasquad game, featuring a 91 MPH fastball and a knee bucking changeup. Kernan said, "Just as the Mets would be crazy to trade Jose Reyes, as I pointed out last week, they would be doubly certifiable to deal away the lefty Kazmir."
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