Monday, March 01, 2004

Case of the Mundys 

Check out today's NY Times feature on Mike Cameron, The Art of Catching a Fly: Playing the Angles. The more I read about Cameron the more I like him. And for those of you that just can't get enough of Cameron, check out his personal website here. I came across the site a few months ago when Cameron was first dealt to the Mets and I was pleased to see that he has recently updated it. Check it out and don't forget to play the video clip of Cameron's cute little grandmother.

In AMAZIN'S SUFFER 1ST KAZUALTY, the Post updates us on Kaz Matsui's lacerated finger he suffered while fielding a ground ball. The finger required two stitches and will keep Kaz out for a week. This puts Matsui back a week but more importantly it means that I will miss seeing Matsui play this week in the nationally televised pre season game against the Dodgers. Can someone tell me how the hell a baseball slices someone's finger to the point that they need stitches?

Newsday reports that Scott Kazmir's pops is just as confused as the rest of us with the Kazmir for Soriano trade rumors that were created by several area sports reporters who cite the "feeling in the Mets organization" and "certain elements of the [Mets] hierarchy." Bob Kaplisch and David Waldstein can't even humor us with the obligatory "sources close to the Mets thinking."

Rick Peterson continues his fascination with comparing his pitchers to cars. A week or so ago, Peterson said of Scott Kazmir, "He's off the charts, that's my initial impression. He's pretty exciting. It's like being in a showroom with a fancy sports car. It's just a question when we turn him loose." More recently, Peterson said, "I can't wait for the checkered flag. . . This is a race with a lot of great cars. Gentleman, start your engines." I'm worried about our pitchers. I hope Peterson is not spiking our pitchers' Gatoraide with antifreeze. In the article, Peterson is talking about the race for the fifth starter job. I'm personally hoping Tyler Yates gets the job because I think a guy who throws the heat he does will be a nice change of pace for the Mets rotation. Although the last I checked Mr. Met was the leading candidate in my latest Hot Corner Poll.
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