Wednesday, March 10, 2004

Busy Hump Day 

I have been pretty swamped the last few days and today, which accounts for my awful blogging. Well, more awful than usual. If you're dying for some Mets news, check out Jeremy's blog for some Wiggy and Grant Roberts analysis. Over at Yankees, Mets and the Rest, Scott might take the next step in his relationship with his girlfriend and buy her high speed internet. Wow, what a romantic. Adam from Ducks on the Pond is back from Port St. Loosen up Pizzaboy with a recap of spring training. Steve, chillin over at The Eddie Kranepool Society has my back, and every Mets fans' back for that matter, in discussing Joel Sherman's "Excessive Highlander Compulsive Disorder." In one of the newer Mets blogs (I'm no longer the newest kid on the block, yippee!), John from Rumblings of a disgruntled Mets fan takes a stab at the Mets 25 man roster and Joe from Betty's IHOP does an awesome job with Part I, The Bats, of his 2004 New York Mets Preview. Lastly, Avkash from The Raindrops hooks us up with a great review of the Mets farm system. This is an excerpt Avkash wrote that appeared in a larger review of the Mets 2004 team written by Gwyn Price from The Batter's Box. The entire review is well worth the read and is one of the best 2004 Mets reviews I have come across. Mets bloggers even get a shout out from the boys North of the border when they listed and provided links to a bunch of Mets blogs and said,

The Mets blogging scene is both populous and prolific. On the sites below you will find everything from solid sabermetrics to passionate rants. One of the best thing from a Jays fans perspective are the high DY/P (Digs at the Yankees per Page) figures, for there are few things more fun than taking digs at the Yankees.

That's pretty cool. Thanks Batter's Box. And I was shocked to notice that people actually read my pathetic little personal soap box and called something I did "brilliant." Unbelievable. My own wife, The Smokin' Hot Corner, thinks I'm an idiot but a perfect stranger from The Batter's Box had something nice to say about something I wrote. Now that I'm feeling all sappy, in light of The Shea Hot Corner's one month anniversary this week, I just wanted to say thanks to those of you that stop by. I started this blog simply to escape the technical writing I do professionally and to write about what I want, when I want and how I want. The fact that people show up every so often to check my site out is just gravy. Also, thanks to all other Mets bloggers out there. Talking with you guys has just been an added, unexpected bonus of getting this blog up and running. Okay, that's it. I have to get some work done.
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