Sunday, March 07, 2004

Blackmun Papers Update 

Brian, John and Clyde (thanks guys) tell me that they think the fourth item in Justice Blackmun's note (see yesterday's entry) referring to Cubs hall of fame outfielder Kiki Cuyler, which I could not originally decipher, says:

Had a "meaningful relation" with PK Wrigley.

PK Wrigley is a reference to Phillip K. Wrigley, owner of the Cubs from 1932 until his death in 1977. However, now that I think I know what it says and who is being referred to, I have no idea what it means? It seems Blackmun is being sarcastic, especially with his use of quotation marks, in referring to the relationship between Cuyler and Wrigley. I poked around the net and did a few news searches but could not find anything enlightening. One possibility is that Blackmun confused Cuyler's hostile relationship with his former team's owner and manager. The Baseball Page points out,

Cuyler won a bitter contract dispute with Pirate owner Barney Dreyfuss in the spring of 1927, which placed the popular outfielder on shaky ground. In August he failed to slide into second base on an apparent force play and was benched by manager Donie Bush (who didn't really like Cuyler anyway) for the remainder of the season - even though Pittsburgh was in first place. The feisty skipper refused to place Cuyler in the lineup for the World Series loss against New York and at season's end the right-handed batter was shipped to the Cubs.

If anyone feels like putting their historian hat on and telling us what the fourth item in Blackmun's note is really referring to, I'd love to hear it.
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