Wednesday, March 03, 2004

Bill Madden Gets It 

In weaving together several themes I have touched on recently, Bill Madden of the Daily News shows that he gets it. In today's article, Mets Play It Safe Rather Than Sori, Madden compares the current Met philosophy to that embodied by the 1969 World Champion Mets. He points out the creativity of the NY sports media regarding the recent Soriano trade rumors. And in my favorite part of the article, Mets pitching coach Rick Peterson is quoted as saying that Scott Kazmir has "got an Indy 500 engine and that's a rare thing to have." I don't know why, but I get a kick out of whenever Peterson analogizes his pitchers to cars, which is about 10 times per week. Here are a few other excerpts:

It is the right way to go [pitching and defense], especially when you play in a spacious, windy ballpark like Shea Stadium, and it is why Mike Cameron, the center field whiz, was absolutely the perfect signing for the Mets this winter.

Madden's right. Vladamir Guerrero is a very good player but Cameron is a better fit for this team right now. And when factoring in all variables, such as the fact that Guerrero's offensive numbers were inflated by playing in Montreal, Cameron's numbers were deflated from playing half his games in Safeco, Guerrero's awful defense, Cameron's superb defense, the disparity between the offense that is expected from a center fielder versus a right fielder, the huge difference in price, and Guerrero's health, the difference between the two players is closer than what many fans might think at first blush.

A certain element of the local scribes finds this unsatisfactory to the point where they are creating trades for Alfonso Soriano, the ex-Yankee golden boy who was sacrificed to Texas in the A-Rod deal.

Why be discrete? The creative writers are Bob Kaplisch and David Waldstein.

But just for the record, here's what a highly placed Mets source said yesterday about these creative rumors: "Why would anyone think we would trade any of our best young players for a guy we'd have only two years of control over?"

While I like this article from Madden, I would love to see more sources being named. I'm tired of this "highly placed Mets source" and "sources close to Mets thinking" etc...

On the surface, this may be the best aggregate of young arms the Mets have signed and developed since the Tom Seaver, Jerry Koosman, Gary Gentry, Jim McAndrew group in 1969.

With the Mets right now, you've got to close your eyes and harken back to 1969 when pitching and defense were a beautiful thing to watch.

My eyes are closed, I'm harkening, and I like what I see. However, the Mets need to bridge the gap better between the old pitchers that are on their way out and the young pitchers that are on their way in.
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