Monday, February 09, 2004

Week In Review  

Updating this blog on a daily basis might not be possible (the Hot Corner actually has a day job), but at the very least I should be able to write one story a week, and perhaps a summary of the week's news related to the Mets, along with a comment or two.

1. Jim Duquette and Brian Cashman participated in The First Annual Hot Stove Report, an event to raise awareness and research funds for prostate cancer as part of Ed Randall's Bat For The Cure. For $50, the public could show up and ask questions of the two GMs.

Hot Corner: Sounds like a carnival event where, for a cool fiddy spot, you can line-up and try to dunk Duquette in a tank of cold water with a high heater. The only question is, why didn't the Hot Corner get an invite!

2. On Monday the Mets released their Spring Training Fan Guide.

Hot Corner: Oooo, goody. Now I know where to position myself if I'm "among the many who will be seeking to score . . . Braden Looper's autograph." The Hot Corner doesn't need a Fan Guide to know where I can find Looper: roaming around Port St. Lucie looking for the closer job he lost in Miami. The Fan Guide says that the Mets Spring Training facility is located along "Florida's quiet Treasure Coast." Emphasis on "quiet." When talking about Port St. Lucie on an interview with WFAN's Mike and the Mad Dog last month, the only redeeming thing John Franco could say about Port St. Lucie was that "there's a new Friendly's in town." Great, I'll stop into the Friendly's for a Big Beef Burger, fries and a Fribble, after getting Looper's autograph of course.

3. Clifford Floyd reports that he is on schedule to be 100% by Spring Training.

Hot Corner: The Hot Corner's got nothing bad to say about Floyd. The guy's a warrior and all Mets fans should be excited to see him at full capacity this year. When speaking about the new Mets CF, Floyd said, "He's an Andruw Jones, Torii Hunter type of guy who will ease our pitchers' mentality, too." Don't let Cameron hear you say that because according to Billy Bean and several other stat geeks, Hunter and Jones can't hold Cameron's jock strap defensively (see 7 below).

4. The Mets sign 36 year old Scott Erickson, aka Mr. Lisa Guerrrrrrero to "compete for the fifth starter spot."

The Hot Corner: Damn, the Hot Corner would like to get into Lisa Guerrero's hot corner. Okay seriously, I don't know what I'm more tired of hearing, that our goal is to be "playing meaningful games in September" or that we've invited yet another pitcher to "compete for the fifth starter job." Do the Mets have absolutely no confidence whatsoever in our young guys like Heilman and Griffiths? How many more pitchers are we going to bring in to compete for this spot? And how are they going to be evaluated in Spring Training. In other news, the Mets just hired Jeff Probst, host of the CBS show Survivor to assist in the selection process. From what I hear, Probst will split the team into two tribes. The Saboga Tribe will consist of the pitchers vying for the coveted fifth starter spot and the Mogo Mogo Tribe, consisting of the myriad of right fielders the Mets have acquired or retained who are in search of a starting job. After an intense immunity challenge, consisting of Rick Peterson strapping all the players up to some sort of painful, invasive diagnostic machine, the losing team will convene at the Tribal Council (at the Port St. Lucie Friendly's of course) and vote a tribe member out of Spring Training.

5. Tom Glavine gave an insightful interview to the Star Ledger last week titled Glavine won't fret .

Hot Corner: Well that's nice that Glavine won't fret, because we're fretting enough for him.

6. Peter Gammons broke down the NL East last week, predicting that our Mets would finish dead last.

Hot Corner: That's fine, I actually like that there are no high expectations for the Mets this year. This way, we can only be pleasently surprised if they do well and not heart broken again if they don't. In the article, Gammons stated "Just because they are headed in the right direction in terms of going back to pitching and defense in that rice paddy known as Shea Stadium doesn't mean there aren't questions." This prompted NYFS's Ed Tsunoda to demand an apology from Gammons because he thought the reference was racially insensitive to Asians. This makes the Hot Corner hotter than usual and I'll be commenting on this more later in the week. As for now, let's just say this criticism of Gammons disgusts me.

7. The NY Post ran a great feature on Mike Cameron, concluding that Cameron is the best defensive player in the game.

The Hot Corner: The Post not only quoted a source or two, which is exceeding the usual standards of that rag, but even cited UZR, an advanced statistic used to measure defensive ability. Amazing.
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