Saturday, February 28, 2004

Superscouts or Super-out-of-touch? 

Anyone know how to get to the Elks Club?

The NY Times ran an interesting article on Al Goldis and Bill Livesey, the Mets new Special Assistants to the General Manager, or "superscouts." The article might make the sabermagician Mets fans cringe, because "[a]t a time when baseball is filled with young general managers who crunch statistics, a pair of pot-bellied baseball men are helping the Mets into a new era." However, whether you have a traditional baseball mind or subscribe to the new sabermetrics brand of thinking, having 80 years of baseball experience to assist a young, first year GM can only be a good thing. Also, it is refreshing that the Mets seem to be taking a balanced approach to player evaluation. The Mets have a young GM in Jim Duquette but have surrounded him with these two old timer superscouts along with their very own in-house stats geek in Ben Baumer. Hopefully when player related decisions are being made, all three individuals are given an opportunity to advise Duquette so he can look at a decision from every angle.
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