Saturday, February 21, 2004

Stop the Presses! Piazza Takes Grounders At First! 

Mike Piazza took some ground balls at first base yesterday at spring training, which stirred the NY sports media into a frenzy. Piazza's first base drills prompted at least one full back page color spread, and at least seven stories in area news outlets dedicated to this groundbreaking story. One article even broke down Piazza's first base exploits in painful detail, stating that the drills lasted for exactly 12 minutes, consisted of approximately 45 balls hit to him, comprised about 20 balls hit to his glove side and 20 more to his backhand side. Of the 45 balls, Piazza only bobbled one before quickly recovering the ball. This story also revealed a "revelation" that Piazza took grounders in the offseason about two to three times a week! Wow, what a revelation! I sure hope the media got this out of their system today because if we have to see one back page and seven stories for each time Piazza practices his fielding at first base, I don't know if I'll make it through February.

In other shocking news, Roger Cedeno had a dentist appointment on Thursday and will go back on Wednesday to have his wisdom teeth pulled. Cedeno was supposed to have the teeth pulled Thursday but his gums were inflamed and infected. Early reports are that reporters from all area newspapers will accompany Cedeno to the dentist to detail exactly how the procedure goes, clocking the time, how many times Cedeno needs to spit in a cup, and how many cotton balls are needed to stop the bleeding. In related news, doctors at the Mayo Clinic have found a link between blunt objects hitting one's head, like baseballs, and gum disease.

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