Sunday, February 29, 2004

The Secret Is Out 

The Journal News ran a story on bloggers who focus on baseball and the New York Mets and Yankees in particular. In A Growing Sports Voice, Peter Abraham details a little of the history and current state of the NY baseball blogging community. Bloggers were contacted a few weeks ago and asked to participate in the creation of the article through either an e-mail or phone interview. I have to admit that I was a little apprehensive. Many bloggers, yours truly included, sometimes use our blogs as a forum to voice our frustration with the mainsteam NY sports media, including radio and print media. Perhaps I was being a little paranoid but I thought there might be a chance that the article would take the opportunity to slam us. Well, I have to hand it to Abraham, who wrote a well balanced and thoughtful article and at one point even stated that "a surprisingly high percentage [of NY baseball blogs] have well-written articles and opinions worthy of any newspaper, magazine or professional Web site." I would like to take this opportunity to thank Peter Abraham for his objectivity and for directing a few readers our way.

If you have found this site through The Journal News article, welcome. Whether it's this blog or another, I think you will find that the NY baseball blogs offer a more cutting edge version of what you will find in the traditional sports media, be it print or e-media outlets. Whether it's biting humor or brain frying statistical analysis, there's something for everyone. Something else that many blogs offer that traditional media does not, is the ability to easily interact with writers. If you think I'm insane for concluding that Jose Reyes and Kaz Matsui will be more productive 1 and 2 hitters this season than the Braves' Rafael Furcal and Marcus Giles (see The First Annual Shea Hot Corner NL East Table Setter Showdown, from Monday Feb. 16th), or if you think there is a more metrosexual team than the 2004 Yankees (see Yankees to Feature Most Devastating Line-up of Metrosexuals in MLB History, from Sunday Feb. 22), don't just sit there and pout like you would if listening on the radio or reading in a newspaper. Instead, step up to the plate and dig in by using the comments sections and tell me I'm insane! So come on in; relax; take a load off; have a look around; leave a comment or e-mail me; but don't steal anything!
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