Sunday, February 15, 2004

Schilling Speaks Out Regarding A-Rod To Yanks Trade 

Curt Schilling has provided his views on what seems to be the imminent trade of Alex Rodriguez to the New York Yankees. Schilling has sounded off on the Sons of Sam Horn ("SOSH") Redsox fan-bases message board. In what seems like an attempt to lift the spirits of a Boston fan base that must be shell shocked, Schilling gave a prediction that would make Broadway Joe Nameth proud: "it'll be more fun this way. This way, when we do win it all, and you all are out there flipping birds back and forth with Yankee fans, you'll be smiling a whole lot wider." Hey Curt, Mets fans will be joining in with the Sox fans flipping birds like a nine year old whose parents aren't watching. Reading Schilling's comments brings chills to this Mets' fan spine. Damn, doesn't every teams' fans wish they had a player that would connect with the fans this way? Continuing with his pep rally, Schilling said "after 85 years did any of you think that getting over this final hurdle and winning it all was gonna be a cake walk?" Schilling hits the nail right on the head. Yankee fans just don't understand what it's like to be a real sports fan. Real sport fans suffer. It's a right of passage. It's what brings fans together. It's what makes winning so special. Maybe, every so often if you're lucky, your team will stop driving an annual stake through your heart long enough for you to take a breath and take a sigh of relief. Yankee fans, however, know no such feeling. Yankee fans say they're "die hard." Yeah, okay Vinny, how long and hard did you have to die between World Series championships - 16 years tops? Boo f'ing hoo! The Hot Corner applaudes Curt Schilling for stepping to the plate and showing some balls. Go get em Redsox!

Schilling's post can be found here under the handle "Gehrig 38." And by the way, I very much hope that the folks over at SOSH have reevaluated their position regarding bloggers use of Schilling's words from their message board. As you can see, every one of Schilling's words are quoted and attributed to the appropriate source. That is all that should be expected of us. However, if anyone has a problem with my quoting Schilling; Bring It.
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