Wednesday, February 11, 2004

Rice Paddy Roundup 

Mets fans responded to yesterday's Tsunoda article regarding Gammons (see the Hot Corner response below) on the official Mets.com message board and in other Mets fan sites' message boards. Responses varied. Here are a few examples:

Tomorrow's headline:
Tsunoda runs out of things to complain about
I don't see Gammons meaning any disrespect to anyone. You flood a rice paddy. Shea floods. Big deal.


I don't think that he was referring to the flooding problem the stadium had
for a while. because that is basically gone. I believe that he did say that because Shea Stadium will be filled with alot of people of Japanese decent to see Kazuo Matsui play.


Gammons was writing about the NL East and the teams and players contained therein. Given this context, there seems no reason at all why he would refer to Shea stadium's previous drainage problems. Does Shea's propensity to flood affect the outcome of the NL East next year? I think not. I can only conclude therefore that the remark was a reference to Matsui's signing. This makes the comment insensitive as it reinforces racial stereotyping. I don't think it was overtly racist but Gammons should certainly clarify his point and justify why the analogy was included in an article about the division and not an article about groundskeeping.


Responding to Tsunoda's rice paddy/cotton field analogy:

Are you insane? Because people were of a certain race they were stolen form their homes and enslaved for the purpose of working a cotton plantation. How in any way does that compare to rice paddy's? rice paddy's are merely a geographic distinction of asia they are not a symbol of hatred, enslavement and death not to mention the r ape of a continent.
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