Thursday, February 12, 2004

Random Thursday Thoughts 

1. The "Revolution" continues. Moneyball vixen Paul DePodesta, current Oakland assistant GM under Billy Bean, is expected to be named the next Dodgers GM. The Stat Geeks, and I say that lovingly, are really making headway. They have even infiltrated my beloved Mets organization with the acquisition of sabermagician Ben Baumer. Once the revolution is finally complete and they occupy every front office position in baseball, I half expect them to rip their skin off to reveal their true lizard-like identity and commence feeding on us humanoids, starting with Grady Little. However, they don't fool the Hot Corner. Victory!

2. Is it just me, or is Fox's show 24 the best show in the history of television? It's like visual crack. Jack Bauer is the coolest man alive. I swear I think the Mets could invite him to spring training to "compete for the fifth starting spot" and he would find a way to win it. Seriously, the guy is part Rambo, part MacGyver, and part 007.

3. Why does it still bug me that both my childhood heroes, Doc and Straw, were lured to the dark side of the force? No, I don't mean to a life of drugs and crime, but their affiliation with the Yankees. It still really, really gets to me. I need help.

4. Is it wrong that I'm rooting for Scott Erickson to make the team so that I get a chance to see Lisa Guerrrrero at Shea? Don't get me wrong, the 300 pound, Bon Bon eating Long Island house wives in blue and orange with chick mullets that are the staple of the female component of Shea are nice, but I want a Guerrrrero sighting.

5. I want Mookie back as our first base coach. Let's face it, good things happen when Mook's hovering around the bag.

6. Subway cuddlers, stop it! You know who you are. If you find yourself on a crowded subway car with your significant other, stop the public displays of affection (PDA). PDA is normally acceptable. But in a crowded subway car groping and lip smacking, with strangers pushed up against you, is just disgusting. It makes everyone else feel as if you are dragging them into some kind of sick commuting orgy. Get a damn room.
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