Tuesday, February 24, 2004

The NY Post: Three's Company 

Last Tuesday I mentioned that Joel Sherman of the Post urged the Mets to trade Scott Kazmir for Alfonso Soriano and "throw in" Royce Ring and Aaron Heilman. To me, this is an awful trade for the Mets for countless reasons, but what really bugged me about the article was the reason why Sherman thought the Mets should make such a trade; for the sole purpose of stealing back page press from the Yankees in the aftermath of the A-Rod trade. A day later another Post reporter, Mark Hale, backed his boy Sherman up, citing "a source familiar with the Mets' thinking" in reporting that the Mets indeed had inquired about Soriano. I speculated that Hale's "source familiar with the Mets' thinking" was probably none other than Sherman. Anyway, whether I'm wrong or right about that is another story. I don't want to beat a dead horse, but today a third Post reporter has gotten into the act in covering for the ineptitude of his cohort Sherman. Kevin Kernan could not pass up the opportunity to support Sherman's truly absurd trade proposal when he wrote: "Last Tuesday, the Post's Joel Sherman made the suggestion that the Mets put together a package of young pitchers to mound-challenged Texas for Soriano, a deal that made complete sense." While Kernan did not specifically mention Kazmir, one has to assume that by referring to Sherman's article, the "package of young pitchers" he is thinking about features Kazmir. I don't have the energy to list all the reasons why this trade proposal is utter garbage, but my point is not the substance of the proposed trade. Rather, my point is to simply highlight the Post's modus operandi of attempting to elevate the credibility of its outlandish reporting through use of itself. This circular reporting that tries to lift itself up with its own bootstraps is just flat out laughable.
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