Thursday, February 19, 2004

The NY Post: All the News That's Fit to Line the Bottom of a Bird Cage 

This week Joel Sherman of the NY Post treated us to one of the most irrational, mindless, knee-jerk reaction articles I have seen come out of that rag in a while. In HEY, METS: CHASE SORI!, Sherman states that "Met GM Jim Duquette needs to be on the phone with counterpart John Hart today to say native Texan Scott Kazmir is available. . . Throw in Aaron Heilman and Royce Ring and it is darn attractive." Let's recap: Scott Kazmir, Aaron Heilman and Royce Ring for 49 year old Alfonso Soriano. The reasons why this brain vomit of a proposed trade is all wrong for the Mets are endless and one has to think that even Sherman's colleagues must be thinking "where did we get this guy?" But the Post has Sherman's back. The next day Mark Hale, also of the Post, reported that the Mets indeed inquired with Texas about Soriano before being rebuffed. Hale cited "a source familiar with the Mets' thinking" in vindicating his colleague Sherman. I'm not the biggest conspiracy buff, but considering what a foolish article Sherman wrote, considering that the same paper tried to vindicate him the next day, and considering that no other news outlet has reported on this story (as far as I can tell), I'm going to go out on a limb (not too far a limb, this is the Post after all) and say that Hale's "source familiar with the Mets' thinking" is Sherman.
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