Sunday, February 29, 2004

Kazmir for Soriano: Fact and Fiction 

From David Waldstein in today's Star Ledger:

Fiction: The Mets "are still undecided about whether they would include Kazmir" in a trade for Soriano.

Fact: "There are only 29 other clubs interested in him. . . But he's not going anywhere." -Mets owner Fred Wilpon on rumors that the Mets might be thinking about trading phenom pitching prospect Scott Kazmir for an established bat.

Fiction: "there is some feeling in the Mets organization that he [Kazmir] is a bit of a free talker and a renegade, all of which would indicate they might be willing to part with him in a big enough deal."

Fact: Please someone direct me to one negative quote from a teammate about Kazmir's make up or bad attitude. Other than what you might find floating around Waldstein head in the form of magical Mets inside sources, you will not find one. Not to mention that "free talkers" with a bit of a "renegade" streak are the type of players that thrive in NY.

Courtesy of Bob Kaplisch in today's Bergen Record:

Fiction: "Soriano would fit well in Met uniform"

Fact: No, they don't make his size.

Fiction: "certain elements of the hierarchy say they're now open to dealing Kazmir."

Fact: Really? What elements are those? The Shea custodial staff? Because Duquette has not even spoken with anyone from the Rangers in two weeks! From MLB.com: "And that [Soriano] rumor has taken on a life of its own and I haven't even talked to the guy [Texas general manager John Hart] in two weeks."

Fiction: "the organization is stocked with other prospects - Matt Peterson, Bob Keppel, and Tyler Yates, all right-handers - who, some officials privately believe, could compensate for Kazmir's absence."

Fact: Hhhhmmm, the last I checked Kazmir was, now brace yourself Kaplisch, you ready, okay, here comes, A FU@*ING LEFTY!

Fiction: "Wilpon had assured Kazmir in a face-to-face conversation he'd remain with the Mets."

Fact: No, Wilpon had a face to face with Reyes when he told Jose that he would not be traded but simply told reporters during a Kazmir throwing session that Kazmir is not going anywhere. But why let facts get in the way. Just listen to the free talking, crazy renegade that the Mets are chompin at the bit to get rid of: "I got a phone call from my dad about it [Kazmir said about the trade rumors]. . . But at least he's not worried because of what Wilpon said. He never came up to me and said it but I don't worry anyway. I'll take whatever he says."

Fiction: "If there's a compelling reason for Wilpon to say no, we're waiting to hear it."

Fact: No, you're "waiting to hear" the compelling reason because any Mets fan with a scintilla of intelligence already knows the reasons. We may not all agree 100%, but we at least know and understand the reasons. Which is a few steps ahead of you.
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