Wednesday, February 25, 2004

Hump Day Round Up 

Ty Wigginton. The Journal News has a great feature on Ty Wigginton. We learn that Ty came into spring training last year with only four bucks on him and could not afford to go out to eat at McDonald's with his teammates. If Wigginton knew just how good the new McGriddle was, however, I'm sure he would have found some extra cash. Damn they're good. Not to mention, why can't Piazza hook the guy up with a five spot to get some food? Wigginton also confirms that he sustained a shoulder injury in the Brewers series in May of last season that required him to stop lifting weights. Wigginton thinks this year, healthy and able to maintain his weight lifting regimen, he should be able to hit 40 doubles and 20 HRs. Some of the statistics support Wigginton's claims that his numbers suffered as a result of his injury. The Brewers series ended on May 4th, at which point Wigginton had a .286 AVG, .377 OBP, .457 SLG and .834 OPS. Wigginton never eclipsed those numbers from that point forward, finishing the year at .255/.318/.396/.714.

Leiter Changes His Tune. In the aftermath of A-Rodgate, Al Leiter did not mince words when he said "I don't think salt in the wound describes it enough. It's more like rubbing salt, and then pouring hydrogen peroxide and rubbing alcohol and rust in there at the same time." Apparently the open wound with rubbing salt, hydrogen peroxide and rubbing alcohol has healed. Yesterday Leiter said "So we didn't get A-Rod. Big deal. Maybe the organization, the marketing people have to worry about whatever, but as a player, for me, what will create happiness for me is for me to do my job and guys around me as well to do their part to win a baseball game."

Glavine to Rebound? Andruw Jones Thinks So. Yesterday the Mets revealed that the new statistics guru Ben Baumer had "produced data to support the signing [of Cameron] that said nearly 70 balls that fell in during 2003 would have been caught had Cameron been patrolling center." Art Howe concurred, stating that the acquisition of Cameron will help Glavine as much as any Mets pitcher because "Tommy is a fly ball pitcher. He was probably hurt more than any of our other starters on those marginal-type balls." (note: check out Jeremy Heit's rebuttal to the Glavine fly ball pitcher assumption). It's somewhat confusing that Baumer could have conducted research "to support the signing" of Cameron because Baumer came aboard the SS Metropolitans in mid to late January while Cameron was signed about a month earlier. Nevertheless, Glavine's old center fielder Andruw Jones thinks Cameron will help Glavine rebound, stating Glavine went from the Braves "to a team that had like five different center fielders. That's not comfortable. ... If you have a good defense behind him, he's going to win games." Whether Glavine is the fly ball pitcher Howe says he is or not, Cameron should help Glavine and all other Mets pitchers both in the field, and in their heads by boosting their confidence. Can you imagine the dread of pitching knowing that Roger Cedeno is playing center field?
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