Thursday, February 19, 2004

Hot Corner Quotes of the Day 

"He's off the charts, that's my initial impression. He's pretty exciting. It's like being in a showroom with a fancy sports car. It's just a question when we turn him loose." - Mets pitching coach Rick Peterson on Scott Kazmir, from Peter Abraham's column in The Journal News.

The Hot Corner: I have an image in my head of Peterson on Kazmir's back as Kazmir trots around the infield while Peterson screams, "Vrrooom, vrrrooommm, vvvrrrooooommm!!" That's actually pretty disturbing. Out mental picture, out!


"It motivates you. I'm looking forward to playing them. It makes you want to shove their payroll right up their rear." -Mets third basemen Ty Wigginton on the Yankees, from the Star Ledger.

The Hot Corner: That makes two of us Wiggy.
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