Tuesday, February 17, 2004

Hhhhmmmm: Stark Continues to Drive Me Mad 

Last week I criticized Jason Stark for his conclusion that Todd Helton is the "least-ballyhooed great hitter alive" (Stark Rumbles and Grumbles His Way Into Insanity). Basically, I looked at Helton's home/road splits and saw that good old Todd's numbers drop off a mile high cliff (every and all pun intended) when he leaves Denver to the tune of some 84 points off his batting average. However, it's interesting that in less than a week Stark can go from completely ignoring where a player plays half his games to embracing it. In providing reasons why the Yankees still might not win it all, Stark states: "His [Pay-Rod's] stats will not be helped any by his departure from hospitable Arlington, Texas, where he has batted .332 and slugged .660 lifetime." Stark is taking into account the fact that many believe that the Ballpark at Arlington or whatever it's called, is the AL's answer to Coors Field. Hooray for Stark! But Stark doesn't stop there, his epiphany continues: "Soriano has more road homers (45 to 44), many more runs scored (133 to 108) and a much higher batting average (.311 to .279) than A-Rod over the last two seasons. Hmmmm." Hmmm is right Stark - how can you "hhmmmmm" this but not "hhhmmmmm" Helton! Anyway, I was like hhhmmmm and looked at A-Rod's and Soriano's home/road splits over the last couple of years (uh ho).

Soriano's Road Numbers:
2003: .306/.350/.567/.917 (AVG, OBP, SLG, OPS)
2002: .319/.352/.582/.933

A-Rod's Road Numbers:
2003: .282/.384/.577/.961
2002: .277/.381/.547/.927

Do I dare say that when taking away A-Rod's home field advantage, the fact that Soriano is younger and monumentally cheaper, and the fact that he is a loyal home grown player, that the Rangers got, um, get ready, well, do you think it's possible that the Rangers got the better hit - - - ooo this is hard, let me try it again. Hmmmmmm. Okay, here goes: do you think it's possible that when taking these things into consideration the Rangers got the better hitter? There I asked it. I feel better now. Hhhmmmm?

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